How ‎Negative‬ Thoughts and Emotions Affect On Your Body?

Have you ever become aware of certain pains and aches that followed a traumatic event a hardship? Maybe this distressing loss stayed with you as an awkward feeling in your body? Maybe you had tense shoulders after your hard breakup? Or perhaps you go through a condition that you simply can’t detect an explanation for?

On the occasions when we don’t accept to pay attention to our emotions, they look for a different way to catch our attention. Our feelings don’t go away just like that; our emotions are actually able to change us physically.

Our feelings and things we went through are in the main energy and they could be kept in the cellular memory of our bodies. Does this make sense for you?

Negative Emotions and Physical Pain

Negative emotions could get captured in our body and show up as physical symptoms like pain, anxiety, tension. However, not every physical pain inevitably has a core emotional constituent, but the relation is there and it could possibly be worth exploring. Is your body attempting to announce you certain thing by developing a concrete indication that will make you break of and listen? The thing is that, in spite of all the signs, we usually don’t listen and we fail to remember to see away from the physical.

Emotional Pain Chart

By charting the body in this specific way, emotional pain chart (check out the chart under) gives a new perspective to recognize and explain your body and mind. It implies that every region of your body relates with an accurate emotional state. Pain is a mark that something is out of balance or we have overlooked to deal with something.

The ways how we deal or live through things in our lives could be different but it looks like there is a common way of reaction to comparable emotions and patterns of thinking. We all gather particular emotions in particular parts of the body and could have particular health conditions related to them. Your body has its manner of announcing you what is actually going on deep inside you, in your subconscious mind. Your task is simply to interpret the meaning.

This emotional pain chart could also help you to comprehend your emotional pains and struggles better. Specific feelings match with specific parts of the human body.

Some Examples

Some of the signs are rather figurative and well-know. For instance:
Additionally, certain conditions and diseases have been related to particular emotional states and manners of thinking and therefore persons that follow certain similar patterns are more prone to them. For instance, arthritic conditions have been related with persons who feel unloved or bitter, and inflammation could be a mark of concern.

Accordingly, whenever you feel an odd pain or inflexibility in some part of your body, hold on and think. Is this feeling an echo of something else? What your body actually likes to tell you? The following emotional pain chart demonstrates the link between our negative emotions and pain in our body:



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