4 minute workout for crazy burnout of fat!

In order to exercise you don’t need to go to the gym, especially if you are parent and don’t have the time for it. You just need to exercise regularly and you can do it at your home.

This article will present to you great workouts which you can exercise at home and they don’t require lots of your precious time. Such workout is Tabata workout which is great for people with tight schedule.

Tabata exercise: not for the faint of heart

The origin of Tabata is coming from Japan (Dr. Izumi Tabata) and it is highly intensive training style. You will need only couple of minutes in order to get amazing results. This style of workout is great for people that don’t have the time to exercise regularly because it takes only few minutes of intensive training.

If you are beginner you should not exercise Tabata because you might actually injure yourself since you will move fast and trying to do as many repetitions as possible. Also people with problems that prevent high intensity exercise should not exercise Tabata.

Tabata is great for Moms!

Most moms are actually without spare time because of the daily tasks they have to do. They are always busy with preparing healthy food for their children, trying to follow natural beauty routine and many other tasks.

As a result of that and not having spare time it is important to stay fit. This is the main reason why Tabata is great for busy moms. This exercise takes only four minutes of intensive workout which will give you great results.

Here is what Tabata workout is about:

What you need to do is sprint very hard for 20 seconds, then you should rest for 10 seconds, and repeat again for 4 minutes. It is this simple!

Dr. Izumi Tabata developed this exercise which became superior to many other workout plans. His development started back in 1996 when they studied two groups of athletes. The first group was given medium intensity workouts over longer period of time, whereas the other group was given high-intensity workout for shorter period of time.

The study lasted for six weeks and the athletes were constantly under observation of the team. After the study was done, the results showed that the first group ended up with improved 9.5% of aerobic capacity and 0% of anaerobic capacity.

On the other hand the second group had 14% improved aerobic capacity and 28% improved anaerobic capacity. The term aerobic refers to the duration of the run whereas anaerobic refers to the time you can run with maximum effort.

Also the second group had great improvements in regards to utilization of oxygen and lung capacity, whereas the second group had minimal improvements.

This is how you should train for Tabata

Even though this workout is designed for elite athletes, moms can exercise it as well but will require some additional time to adjust.

1. When you work out you should start with longer runs and longer recovery time

2. At the beginning you should try with 60-90 seconds if mid-intensity running rather than the 20 seconds with maximum speed run

3. Try to increase the intensity every couple of days

4. Also try to exercise one or two minutes and increase the time until you get to full four minutes

These are the five unique advantages of Tabata workout

1. Helps you burn fat
Scientist have proven that high intensity exercise burns more fat and it also improves oral glucose tolerance

2. Build muscles
When you exercise you are stimulating all muscles in your body

3. Time
It is great because you get awesome results with only few minutes of exercise

4. Stimulates production of endorphins
Exercising Tabata is great because it creates endorphins which are the main agents for happiness and satisfaction

5. Highly portable
You will not require any equipment for exercising or special place
Here are some other Tabata variations which are not just for runners

You may use Tabata principle for additional workouts such as squats, pushups, pull ups, jumping rope.

Doing Tabata step by step

1st step: you should stretch in order to warm up the muscles

2nd step: make sure you use clock to keep the time of exercising

3rd step: give your maximum and run for 20 seconds

4th step: you should rest for 10 seconds

5th step: repeat the steps above. It should take you approximately 6-8 times which totals 4 minutes

6th step: in order to cool down you should also stretch again and drink some water

Since Tabata is really intense workout you should consider doing it 2-3 times per week. This is what experts have to say in regards to this: “For the majority of the population, improving longevity and general health can be done by brisk walking for 20 minutes three times a week – and doesn’t involve spending money joining a gym.“

source http://besthealthyguide.com

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