Find Out The Secret On How To Boost Your Memory For More Than 90% And Improve Your Vision With This Trick

There is no bad time of the year when it comes to losing weight. This drink that we will recommend will help you speed up the process of effectively losing weight. This syrup will help you burn fat fast and get the excess water of your body, but you should take into consideration that you will need to combine it with exercise.

This drink is also great for boosting memory and brain function, vision and hearing. The main ingredient is horseradish which is a type of vegetable that is rich with essential nutrients that help you boost your metabolism and reduce fatigue. It is very simple to prepare this natural magical drink.

Instructions and ingredients for preparation:
1. 5 ounces of horseradish
2. 3 teaspoons of raw honey
3. 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
4. 4 lemons
5. Ginger

Blend the horseradish and ginger and add lemon juice. Mix it well and add honey and cinnamon. The final product should be syrup.
You should use the syrup twice a day before a meal or workouts (1 tablespoon). After three weeks of using the syrup you should make a two day break before continuing again with the use.

This is also a list of foods that will boost your brain performance:

Rosemary will provide an enormous boost to your brain performance and it is recommended that you use it once per day
Beetroot will help you improve the blood circulation in your body
Boiled eggs contain choline which is extremely important for your brain function
Fish contains omega-3 and fatty acids which are found to be most used by the brain
Avocado helps with the blood circulation within your brain
Cranberries are antioxidants that prevents oxidative damage to your brain
Onions will help you improve your memory and focus. You should consume it raw
Whole grains is a combination of fiber, carbs and omega-3 fatty acids that feeds your brain and improves its performance
Tomatoes will improve your overall health due to the lycopene compound found in it
Green tea is very good for your brain performance and cognitive function due to the improved connection of electrical neuron cells
Dark chocolate contains caffeine and antioxidants which boost the brain function
Nuts main content is omega-3 which improves the oxygen flow in the brain
Acorn squash contains vitamin B12 and folic acid which prevents any damage to the brain
Tumeric will improve and sharpen your memory
Apples are good for you overall health, which means it also will improve your brain function


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