The Fruit That Stops Insomnia and Boosts Brain Work After a Few Minutes

According to latest research results, the number of people that suffer from insomnia is gradually increasing from one year to another. Many people decide to treat this health problem with pills, even though they are not as effective and cause serious side effects. We are going to present to you in this article the best solution to this problem.

Not many people have heard of quenepa, which is a fruit that can help you improve your health and treat insomnia. Many people know this fruit as Spanish lime. This fruit is extremely beneficial for the brain function, and preventing insomnia.

Here are some more details about this fruits:

Quenepa originates from South America and usually grows in dry forests. This fruit has sour and sweet taste, and many people like to add chilly or lime when consuming it. According to many experts the fruit is a mixture of lime and lychee, which has hard shell and delicate flesh.

Many people refer to this fruit as Spanish lime because it has similar taste and color as lime. The peel is soft and leathery, whereas the flesh is like jelly. Also the aril is very colorful which contains seedy pulp.

Here is more info about the nutrients it contains:

1. Niacin
2. Proteins
3. Amino Acids
4. Tryptophan
5. Fiber
6. Iron
7. Carotene
8. Riboflavin
9. Unsaturated fat acids
10. Vitamin C
11. Vitamin B1, B3, B6, and B12
12. Minerals
13. Calcium
14. Thiamine

This fruit is packed with dietary fibers that help your body reduce the level of cholesterol and helps you reduce constipation. On the other hand it contains vitamin A which helps you improve the immune system and prevent UTIs and stones in kidney. The minerals that this remedy contains, such as calcium, strengthens the bones and the teeth.

On the other hand it is also rich with antioxidants that act as anti-cancer agents. Phosphorus promotes improvement of digestion and balancing the hormones. Regular use of this fruit can help you regulate your blood pressure and prevent asthma attacks. Also it is great for improving the health of the heart due to the phenolic it contains.

Here are the main health benefits of this fruit:

– Improve the immune system
– Fights bacteria
– Eliminates parasites
– Treats issues with your kidneys
– Treats constipation
– Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides levels
– Prevents flu and bronchitis
– Improves the health of the skin
– Treats gum issues
– Supports the function of red blood cells
– Quenepa seeds and honey can stop diarrhea

Try to consume this fruit on regular basis in order to improve your overall health. Also, as we already mentioned it is the best remedy for curing insomnia.


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