This “God’s Gift” Is Able to Treat More then 100 Health Conditions (Herb Recipe)

Together with garlic, onion is believed to be one of the most beneficial veggies worldwide, demonstrating lost health properties.

Onion has a lot of vitamin B6, C, manganese and dietary fiber, while this text will tell you why is onion so helpful for your health on the whole.

Health Benefits of Onions

– They are capable of killing bacteria and germs owning to their antiviral and antibacterial properties.
– Improve the immune system on the whole because of the vitamin C content and presence of phytochemicals.
– Control blood sugar levels, because of chromium.
– Cure infections and decrease inflammation.
– The bright green tops of green onions are a rich source of vitamin A.
– Consuming raw onion decreases the development of bad cholesterol, keeping your heart healthy.
– Prevent cancer owning to its mighty compound known as quercetin.
– Relieve the pain and burning sensation caused by a sting from a honey bee.
– Help lowering the chance of getting gastric ulcers because they scavenge free radicals.

Why it is good to Put Onions in Socks before you go to bed?

As mentioned before, onions show o be helpful in treating so many different health conditions, but this text concentrates on the way how could you use onions to expel toxins from your organism.

Onion is known as a great air purifier, so consequently its topical application will destroy all bacteria and germs.

The phosphoric acid that could be found in onions enters into the blood, purifying and destroying all germs and bacteria that could be a reason for flu.

With intention to perform the procedure well and get the best results, you have to place slices of onion at the bottom of your feet because exactly this area contains meridians which are entry points openly related to the internal organs. The meridians in reality function as paths to the nervous system as well as your internal organs.

Because of the fact that wearing shoes makes your meridians inactive, you are supposed to walk without shoes as much as you could.

How to make the recipe right?

Cut the onions into slices, being sure that they are flat circles that would function as a platform to your whole feet. Afterward, take one bigger slice and place it on the bottom of every foot. Next, put on cotton socks. Ensure to do this routine before going to sleep so that the onions could work all through the night.

Positive effects of Putting Onions on the Bottom of Your Feet
– Thanks to phosphoric acid, which gets absorbed all through the skin, onion would assist you clean your blood.
– Owning to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, onion destroys germs successfully.
– Air purification


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