Most Americans suffer from at least one of these symptoms: weight gain, loss of libido, ringing ears, hair loss, brittle nails, constipation, dizziness, hoarse voice, cold hands and feet, dry skins, headaches, insomnia and joint aches.

Study has shown that more than 65% of Americans are overweight whereas more than 25% are clinically proven obese. The study also shows that problems with the thyroid gland is the main cause for weight issues especially with women.

Coconut oil is most saturated with stable fat that is not harmful for your body. In comparison to vegetable oils, the coconut oil does not require enzyme stress and as a result of that it prevents T3 to T4 hormone communication. The stability of the oil is not the main reason why it is processed differently, the main reason is because does not require to braking down with help of the enzymes.

Also the liver is the main processor where the damage from oxidized and rancid oils occur but it also processes the communication between T3 and T4 hormones. This way the long-chain fats are swapped with medium-chain fats thanks to the properties of the coconut oil. It also may help reconstruct the membranes of the cell and increase the enzyme production.

Even though there is still further research needed to be done, it is already proven that replacing polyunsaturated oils with coconut oil has many positive impacts on your body.

This is how to nourish your thyroid
– Consume coconut oil, olive oil and butter
– Do not use commercial salad dressings, it is highly recommended to prepare your own instead
– Consume black seaweed, kelp powder, kombu, and smaller fish. In other words use iodine rich foods
– Consume vitamins B, C and E, selenium and zinc
– Prepare everyday juice made of cranberries and radishes
– Avoid fluoride
– Exercise at least three time a week


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