This Magical Remedy Mixed With Orange Juice Will Clean Your Body from Nicotine And Will Help You Quit Smoking

Getting rid of the nicotine in your body it might take up to 72 hours. This fact probably sounds really demotivating for those who are willing to reduce cravings. Don’t worry, we have the best remedy that will help you on the way, it is cream of tartar which is byproduct of the winemaking process. This remedy will help you get rid of the nicotine from your body. You will need one week of use and it will cost you nothing.

Here are the health benefits of cream of tartar:

Cream of tartar is a powder that contains potassium hydrogen tartrate. It is found in the bottom of the wine barrel and it is non-alcoholic.

– Using cream tartar you will actually be able to quit smoking. It will definitely make you dislike the taste of cigarettes. When using you should mix it with orange juice because it is important due to its properties and lots of vitamin C. This vitamin is crucial in the process of quitting cigarettes.

You should consider mixing ½ teaspoon of cream tartar with a glass of orange juice every night before you go to sleep. You should use it for at least 30 days.

– Cream tartar also helps you with reduction of arthritis pain. For instance in 100 grams of cream tartar it is found at least 2 mg of magnesium which is extremely important for inflammation of the cellular events. This way it reduces the arthritic pain and it will cost you almost nothing.

– Cream tartar also helps treat urinary tract infections by changing the levels of pH in the urine. By doing so the bacteria in your urine is removed and it cannot cause any health issues with your bladder or urinary tract.

You should mix 2 teaspoons of cream tartar with warm water (glass) and add lemon juice (squeeze half lemon). Consume this mixture at least 2-3 times per day.

– This remedy also helps you get rid of the acne. Dr. Theodor Pennypacker claims that this is the best remedy that you could use in fighting acne, and fantastic agent for cleaning your skin. It is rich with powerful acidic properties that are great for treating this. You will need 1 teaspoon of cream tartar and 10 ounces of orange juice (due to the vitamins and nutrients also found in the orange). Mix it well and consume it every day for at least 2-3 times. This way you will remove the bacteria that causes your acne.

– If you are having problem with high blood pressure, this remedy will definitely help you overcome it. The cream of tartar is reach with potassium which is great for your body. Also people with high blood pressure have deficit of potassium in their body, and that is the main cause of it. This remedy contains 17,500 mg of potassium in 90gr of cream tartar. You should consider visiting your doctor to find out whether the cause for high blood pressure is potassium. If found as a main cause you should you should consume 1 tablespoon of cream tartar with a glass of water every night before you go to sleep. Drink this constantly if you want to feel the health benefits.

Here is a video that explains how you may use tartar cream


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