Mango leaves contain medicinal properties and you can use it on 7 different ways

Mangoes are extremely beneficial for your overall health due to the high amount of nutrition it contains, and everyone loves it. Mangoes originate from India and you may find extremely large areas where it grows, and then it is exported around the world.

Mango leaves usually are treated as any other leaves, but in fact they are extremely rich with vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, flavonoids and phenols, and antioxidant properties. These are the main properties of the leaves, but now we are going to present to you the medical importance of it:

1. Diabetes
Mango leaves are extremely rich with tannins called anthosyanidins which are great for treatment of diabetes in the first stages. It is easy to prepare it and you will need to dry them up and crush them in order to get a powder. There are two different diabetic problems, angiopathy and retinopathy, which can be treated with these leaves. These leaves can help you overcome these problems by soaking mango leaves in cup of water and leave them overnight. Afterwards strain the mixture and drink the water. This mixture contains ethyl acetate extract and beta-3 taraxerol. This compound synergizes with insulin in order to activate GLUT4. Also this helps you synthesize the glucogen which can help you treat hyperglycemia.

2. Treats restlessness
In many cases restlessness occur as a result of anxiety and getting rid of it could be hard. Indian people put mango leaves at their door step in order to get rid of restlessness. You can also use mango leaves for preparing your bath or for preparing tea. This will help you get refreshed and energized.

3. Reduces blood pressure
Mango leaves contain hypotensive properties which are important for reduction of the blood pressure. Also it helps you improve the blood cells which are important for your overall health.

4. Respiratory problems
You can use mango leaves in case you have problems with your respiratory problems. You will need to boil water, and then add honey and mango leaves. Strain it and consume it to overcome problems with cough or your voice.

5. Stops dysentery
You will need to use dried mango leaves (powdered) in order to prevent dysentery. Mix these dried leaves with water and consume it for 3 days.

6. Burns
Mango leave are also great for treatment of burns. You will need to burn mango leaves and use the ashes on the affected area. This will help you relieve the pain and it will cure it fast. Feel free to use it on any area of your skin.

7. Ear aches
You can use mango leaves for treatment of ear aches. You will need to do juice extract from the mango leaves and heat it. Use it as eardrop in order to relief the pain.


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