Menopausal Weight Gain What Causes It And How To Prevent?

When it comes to hormonal imbalances that follow menopause, hot flashes, mood swings etc. are the things that follow it but also there is another thing that usually is very hard to be accepted and that is the uncontrollable weight gain that turns women’s toned body into a flabby mess.

Sorry to say that these body changes happen even in cases when you’re exercising on regular basis and take care of what you eat. This makes many women desperate because no matter what they do, they’re just putting on weight.

So, menopausal weight gain is usually ascribed to 4 causes combines into an acronym – STOP:

– Stress and Emotions
– Toxins
– Out of Balance Hormones
– Poor Sleep

1. Stress And Emotions
Stress is one of the main reasons for a number of health problems as well as menopausal weight gain because it results in high cortisol levels and in the end in adrenal fatigue.
This condition puts the body into survival mode and the cortisol receptors that are in the abdomen accumulate fat. Too much stress additionally calls for food cravings that are bad for you and the body balances more by releasing neuro-hormonal issues that put you in survival mode, leading to inflammation and weight gain.

2. Toxins
Buildup of toxins in the body is other causal aspect for menopausal gaining weight. Toxins are all over – in the foodstuff we consume, the water we drink, and the surroundings where we live and work in. it is about a toxic excess that not only stresses the liver, but the digestive track as well, two factors that have significant roles in keeping the body’s stability and decreasing inflammation.
Inflammation, in contract, directs to a hormonal imbalance, raising the chance of illness. Additionally, it gives in the body’s immune reply to food sensitivities and infections additionally leading swelling and causing weight gain.

3. Hormonal Imbalance
Hormones are the major cause of menopause. At the same time as estrogen levels reduce during this time, the body attempts to keep on to that small estrogen by putting fat storage in the region of the waste. Additionally, underactive thyroid and insulin resistance, both responsible for bigger fat storage, are additional signs of menopause.

4. Poor Sleep
Insomnia is one more consequence caused by of menopause that most women have to face. The thing is that hormonal imbalance triggers night sweats, which really have an influence over the quality of sleep.
But, that’s not all. Modifications in neuro-chemical stability that come from decreased serotonin levels have negative influence on mood as minor melatonin levels have influence on sleep. These changes are additionally responsible for increase of two crucial hormones that aid regulation of appetite and weight – leptin and ghrelin.

Tips that Will Help You Prevent Menopausal Weight Gain

– Concentrate on stress and emotional challenges.
– Decrease toxic load by having a balanced diet, consuming filtered water, and staying away from environmental toxins to the degree that is possible.
– Optimize hormonal stability.
– Don’t tire yourself with exhausting physical exercise and hunger.
– Find out how to aid your body recover its right function.


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