Once You Read This You Will Never Throw Away This Part Of The Banana!

One of the healthiest fruit is banana. This fruit contains lots of important nutrients which provide numerous health benefits.
In fact, not many people are aware of the fact that the peel of banana is also packed with nutrients and can provide numerous health benefits as well. We are going to present to you how to utilize the banana peel for improvement of the health.

You can either use green or yellow banana peels because both are beneficial. Ripe bananas are better for fighting cancer because they contain properties that stimulate the production of white blood cells.

Green banana peels are packed with probiotics which help you improve the digestive system, as well as lose weight. Also these bananas are great for increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body.

You should add the banana peels in your favorite smoothie or simply add it in your cooking meal in order to improve the taste. Feel free to mix it with ice, cinnamon, coconut milk, or anything else that you prefer.

Green bananas are also better for cooking purposes and you can utilize it in preparation of curries, chutneys, or use it as an alternative to potatoes.
You may also prepare a tea from the banana peels. Boil the peels for 10 minutes and afterwards strain the mixture. Add honey in it and consume it.

Here are some of the main health benefits that banana peel provides:

1. Analgesic properties
You will need to rub the peel on the painful areas in order to relieve the pain.

2. Psoriasis cure
You can use the peel for treatment of psoriasis, but you should know it doesn’t treat the condition completely.

3. Removes skin warts
You should put the banana peel on the wart and secure it with bandage. Leave it overnight and repeat the procedure until it finally is gone.

4. Teeth whitener
Banana peels are great for whitening the teeth. You should apply the inner side of the banana peel on the teeth for two weeks in order to whiten them.

5. Removes acne and wrinkles
The peel is packed with antioxidants which can help you prevent aging. Also it is great for hydrating your skin. You will need to apply it on the skin areas that are problematic and leave it for half an hour in order to act.

6. Weight loss
Bananas contain potassium, but 40% of the full content is found in the banana peel. This is very important mineral that can help you boost your metabolism, burn calories and fat, and boost your energy levels.

Here is a recipe that will help you lose weight very fast:

1. Banana peels (green) – 4
2. Lime – 1 juiced
3. Mustard seeds – ½ teaspoon
4. Black-eyed peas – ½ cup
5. Grated coconut – 2 tablespoons
6. Turmeric – 1 teaspoon
7. Salt
8. Coconut oil – 2 teaspoons

First you will need to chop the peels and put them in water. Add the salt and turmeric in the mixture and boil it. Once it reaches boiling point you should add some oil in order to prevent it from sticking. Remove it from the pot and simmer and strain the mixture.

Next you will need to boil the black-eyed peas until they become tender. Use medium heat to warm up the coconut oil and add mustard seeds. Cook until they pop, and afterwards add all ingredients in it.

Cook for 5 more minutes and afterwards remove it from the heat. At the ends add the coconut, salt, and lime juice.


source http://www.goodmorningcenter.com

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