Remove Ants Fast with THESE Simple Tricks!

When it comes the summer, we all enjoy different outdoor activities. However, sometimes those summer activities could bring trouble. We are talking about the uninvited guests to those activities, like insects. They can be really irritating because they swarm, they bite, they sting and now and then, like ants, they get into your shoes while you enjoy on the picnic table.

The market offers various products that promise elimination of insects. Some of them are really efficient but still, many of them are made of harsh chemicals that smell terrible.
But are there some different options? Certainly! There always are. The ones that we will present you are very old, but very effective.

The word “moat,” usually refers to a castle, right? Castles were one of the few structures in medieval times that were secluded by a moat. It was like that since they were really significant and kept exceptionally significant valuables.

Now tell me this – in our present times, what may probably house more significant valuables than the food table at a grill? We want everything to be protected from the pests, from the pieces of watermelon to the organic chicken and mushrooms.

That’s why making a moat is a good choice. Just take 4 tins, fill them with water and position one under each leg. That’ll prevent the small buggers to climb up the table legs and steal your food.

But what if you’ve destroyed the ants’ campground?

In case you considered the moat option as cruel, wait till you hear this one.
In medieval times, there was a type of torment well-known as trial by ordeal that usually included dunking the blamed in boiling water. Well the next option is something similar to that for the small ant friends.

If you notice the ants’ home, just take a pot of boiling water and put in some cayenne pepper. After that (you realize where this leads) walk outside and pour the hot water all over the ants’ nest.

See the following video to find out something more about ant destruction. Act faster, sooner than they realize your tactics and chew your computer cables!


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