Use This Technique by Applying Clothespin On Your Ear And See The Magical Effects For Your Health

We all have experienced pain, ache or just simply feel tired. It is normal to feel such condition because it is impossible to feel the best all the time, but still there is something you can do that will stimulate the work of your organs improve. There is one way that will interest you which will help you immediately to feel better. This method includes clothespins which are supposed to be placed on some parts of the years.

Don’t wonder why you should place them on your ears, here is why:
Helen Chin Lui, professional reflexologist found that ears are the complete reflex map of our body. It contains lots of nerving endings and connectors to our nervous system. He found that there are six specific spots that are connected to specific organs in our body. You will only need to place the clothespin on the right place and feel the difference.

Upper part of the ear is related to your back and shoulders. If you apply pressure on this area you should feel relieve of tension in these parts of the body.
Top of the ear’s curve – is related to organs that makes you feel discomfort. Apply the clothespin in this area and the discomfort will be gone.
Upper-middle part of the ear – is directly connected and related to the joints in your body. So if you feel some pain or stiffness in your joints apply pressure on this area and feel relief.

Above the earlobe – is an area that is related to the digestive tract. By applying smooth pressure it will help you get rid of the pain in stomach or the digestive tract.
The earlobe – this is most important spot because it is related to your cardiovascular system. If you apply some pressure it will help you overcome your migraines, headaches or anything related to your heart health.


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