If You Want to Have Better Butt and Slimmer Legs You Need to Perform These 12 Simple Exercises

Alex Silver-Fagan is one of the best and most famous personal trainers who claim that squats are one of the best exercises that will guarantee nice and around butt, as well as toned legs. He is also a Nike trainer and very well respected among the athletes.

We are going to present to you in this article the best combination of exercises that will help you get round butt and slim your legs.

Here is what you need to do:

– For best results make sure that you exercise regularly
– These exercises will take you only 15 minutes
– You can exercise at the comfort of your home
– You will experience the first results after few days of exercising

1. You will need to start by doing the basic squats

2. You will need to do squats with kickback in order to exercise the buttocks

3. Do sumo squats in order to strengthen your whole body

4. You can do cardio by exercising Sumo Squats-Outstretched Arms

5. Your waistline can be exercised by doing Sumo for training the abdominal oblique muscles

6. Jump squats will help you strengthen your arm muscles

7. Do narrow squats with your feet close together as pistol squats warm-up

8. Doing pistol squats might require support if you are beginner

9. Curtsy squats are great for numerous muscles

10. Split squats can help you strengthen your calf and thighs, as well as buttocks

11. Side squats will target the lower body

12. Pop squats are great cardio exercise that will relax the muscles after exercising


Here is a 7 day exercise plan

1st day
Basic squats – 10 repetitions
Squats with kickback on both legs – 5 repetitions

2nd day
Sumo squats – outstretched arms – 10 repetitions
Sumo squats – 10 repetitions

3rd day
Jump squats – 10 repetitions
Squats for oblique muscles on each leg – 5 repetitions

4th day
Pistol squats with each leg – 5 repetitions
Narrow squats – 10 repetitions

5th day
Curtsy squats – 5 repetitions for each leg
Split squats – 5 repetitions for each leg

6th day
Pop squats – 10 repetitions
Side-step squats – 5 repetitions each leg

7th day
Sumo squats – 10 repetitions
Squats for oblique abdominal muscles – 5 repetitions for each leg

Make sure that you exercise every day if you want to have optimal results!

source http://www.newdailyrecipes.com

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