A weed that grows in the street and backyards is the key to eternal youth!

There is one particular plant that you can find everywhere which provides numerous health benefits, but most probably you didn’t know. This magical plant or sometimes referred as weed is nettle. You can easily get rid of pills after you read the health benefits that nettle provides.

This plant has stinging hairs which irritates the skin when it gets in contact. The reason for this reaction is due to the secretion of the acid which enters under the skin once it gets in contact. Nettle can grow up to 60 inches and it doesn’t require specific conditions to grow. Due to this reason you can find it everywhere.

Nettle is packed with moisturizing, astringent, regenerative, nourishing, and antibacterial properties. All of these properties can help you treat eczema and numerous other skin conditions. If you want to get all the health benefits of nettle you should regularly consume nettle tea. Here is a list of the main health benefits this plant provides:

1. Health of the hair
You can use nettle for treatment of dandruff and prevent hair loss. In order to use the nettle tea for improvement of the health of your hair you should prepare nettle tea which will be used for rinse of the hair. Repeat this process several times in order to get the wanted results fast.

2. Fights inflammation
People that have problems with prostate inflammation should take 2 nettle root extract pills in order to relieve inflammation. Another alternative is to consume 3 cups of nettle tea per day in order to relieve inflammation. Regular consumption of either method will help you also relieve welling in the prostate and prevent pain.

3. Regulates the blood sugar levels
Nettle tea is great for regulating the blood sugar levels and it is recommended especially for people with diabetes. You will need to drink 3 cups of nettle tea on daily basis in order to prevent further complications with your health caused by diabetes. Nettle tea is rich with chlorophyll which is also great for improvement of blood circulation.

4. Treats infections
Nettle is one of the best diuretics which can help you eliminate urinary and kidney infections. You can also use this remedy for treatment of cystitis. Make sure that you consume 3 cups of nettle tea in order to prevent and eliminate infections.

source http://www.staynaturallyhealthy.com

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