10 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors In Water All Year Long

Herbs are very beneficial for your health, cooking and relaxation. Therefore, it is perfect solution for you to have permanent supply of them, especially during the whole year.

You can do this if you grow some of them in your kitchen. In this article, we shall present you a way of how to grow them throughout the year with no requirement of regular watering or changing the soil.

You can grow them in water:

For instance, you can take some herb cuttings and put them in glass bottles with plain water. However, you have to secure that the water is not chlorinated because the bleaching chemical contained in them can destroy the plant tissues. The best solution would be to store some rain water or to leave tap water exposed to air during the night.

You can choose the following containers like a mason jar, a glass bottle and a plastic one. We recommend usingcolored bottles so that the roots of the herbs are not exposed to light. The darkness will help in preventing algae development on the bottle,and also as on the root.

However, when choosing a container you need to avoid tight-fitting containers because the opening of the container has to allow a free transition of air so that there is proper breathing for the roots of the plant.

You should pick soft cutting roots and then cut about 6inch parts from the growing herbs. Next, put them in the containers, but do not forget to remove the lower leaves because they can rot in the water and spoil the root.

If you choose herbs like rosemary, you need to change the water once per week. What is important to remember is not to change the water when the roots start to grow, which will happen in the period of 2 to 6 weeks.

You can speed up the growth of your herbs by soaking few willow branches in warm water during the night, and utilize them as a mix of a soothing hormone.However, rooting hormone powder will also do the job.

Here below are the ten herbs which can be grown in water:

  1. Basil – You need to put some basil cuttings in water just before they start to flower. After that put the container where the sun shines at most.
  2. Lemon balm – You should pick few in spring or fall and place them in water in a sunny area. The cuttings will grow roots in 3 to 4 weeks. The water needs to be replaced on a regular basis. You can use the leaves for preparing tea.
  3. Oregano – You need to place fresh oregano cuttings in water and make sure to pinch the growing tips while the herb grows.
  4. Peppermint – This is the easiest herb that can be grown in water, just put some fresh peppermint cuttings in water. This herb has plenty menthol, thatgives cooling sensation on the skin and tongue and does not change the temperature.
  5. Rosemary – The root of the semi-woody rosemary cuttings requires more growing time, but the new shoots in spring grow really fast. This herb needs to be kept in a sunny place.
  6. Sage – In spring, you can place sage cuttings in water.It should be kept in a bright area that needs to be properly aired because it is susceptible to forming mildew.
  7. Stevia – You need to cut some stevia cuttings from already growing branches. After that, you should place them in a container filled with water. The container needs to be kept on a sunny location.
  8. Spearmint –This plant is grown as same as peppermint.
  9. Tarragon – In spring, cut some tarragon cuttings just after fresh growth appears, afterwards place the plant on a bright and warm spot.
  10. Thyme – You should takesome freshly grown, green cuttings when it is mid-spring or early summer, that is before the thyme starts to flower. Then, you should put them in water. In orderto prevent its drying, you need tospray the parts that are under the water. Also when it is grown, cut the stems to incite branching.


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