31 Powerful Native American Medicinal Cures

Herbs have been used fir different medical purposes across the world because they are extremely powerful and contain great properties that can improve your health and help you treat different conditions.

The herbal remedies that are used most often are willow bark for relief of pain, purple flower or Echinacea as natural antibiotic, and Aloe Vera as treatment for skin conditions and topical anesthetic.

In fact, there are many other treatments that can be obtained from herbal remedies. This is considered as great natural medicine since ancient times, especially in Asian medicine. Back in times herbal medicine was extremely popular and it was used as main treatment to different conditions, as well as preventing them.

Different cultures have utilized the trees, fruits, plants, and flowers in order to gain the unique health benefits from each remedy.

In fact, these cures can be still utilized and used around the home as main treatments for different illnesses. For treatment of sore throat you can use licorice tea, treatment that has been used since ancient times.

Also you can use chamomile, bee pollen, and bees wax for different treatment of conditions and illnesses. Until now it is unknown how people have utilized these medicinal remedies, but in fact today’s studies have proved that they were right for using them for treatment of illnesses.

The medicinal value of the plants used has been already proven by different research studies. For example, aspirin is made of salicin which is a chemical found in willow tree bark. Back in ancient times people have been using the herbal medicine in form of paste or teas in order to treat the skin and different illnesses.

Here is a list of 31 herbs that have medicinal properties:

1. Alfalfa – great remedy for preventing blood clotting and improvement of digestion

2. Aloe – can be used for treatment of burns, insect bites, and wounds

3. Aspen – usually used in tea in order to relieve cough, pain, and fever

4. Bee pollen – try to mix it with food in order to boost your energy levels, also it improves digestion and strengthens the immune system

5. Beeswax – great for treatment of burns and insect bites

6. Blackberry – you should utilize it in tea in order to reduce inflammation, treat diarrhea, and improve the metabolism

7. Black raspberry – you will need to use the bark, root, and leaves in order to prepare tea. This way you will manage to alleviate diarrhea, coughs, and intestinal problems

8. Buckwheat – this is great remedy for reducing blood pressure and preventing blood clotting

9. Cayenne – you can use this remedy for relieving pain, arthritis, and digestive inflammation

10. Chamomile – use the flowers and the leaves in order to treat nausea and problems with intestines

11. Chokecherry – prepare a tea from this herb in order to treat inflammation, coughs, flu, colds, and diarrhea

12. Echinacea – this is one of the best remedy that can help you boost your immune system, prevent coughs, and treat fever

13. Eucalyptus – you can use the oil from the leaves in order to treat cough, sore-throat, improve digestion, relieve diarrhea, and prevent colds

14. Fennel – usually it is used for treatment of flu, fever, and sore throat

15. Feverfew – great for treatment of headaches and migraines. Also it can be used for relieving problems with the digestive system, muscle pain, joint pain, and asthma

16. Feverwort – this remedy can be utilized for relieving pain, itching, and joint stiffness

17. Ginger root – you should mix this remedy with food in order to improve your digestive system. Also it is great anti-inflammatory agent, and helps you improve blood circulation

18. Ginseng – prepare a tea from this remedy in order to boost your immune system, improve the liver and lung function, and boost your energy levels

19. Goldenrod – you can use this remedy for treatment of allergies, chest congestion, flu, and inflammation

20. Honeysuckle – use the berries, flowers, and leaves in order to treat insect bites including bee stings. Also it is great for treatment of skin infections, headaches, and colds

21. Hops – prepare tea from this remedy in order to relax the muscles

22. Licorice – you will need to use the roots of this remedy in order to treat coughs, sore throats, and colds

23. Mullein – use this remedy for treatment of respiratory problems, and congestion

24. Passion flower – prepare tea from this remedy in order to relieve muscle pain and anxiety. Also it is great for treatment of skin burns, and insect bites

25. Red clover – you should add the leaves, root, and flowers in preparation of tea in order to relieve inflammation and treat respiratory problems

26. Rose hip – you can eat it as a whole, or added to food. Either way it will help you relieve inflammation, intestinal problems, and colds.

27. Rosemary – prepare a tea for improvement of blood circulation, relieving muscle pain, and boosting your metabolism

28. Sage – this is one of the greatest natural insect repellent, that can also help you relieve problems with digestion, sore throat, and colds

29. Spearmint – regular use can help you prevent colds and respiratory issues. Also it can improve your blood circulation

30. Valerian – add this remedy in your regular tea in order to relieve muscle pain

31. White pine – you should add this remedy in a tea in order to treat chest congestion and problems with the respiratory system

There are many more natural herbs that can help you treat different conditions and illnesses. You should always try to utilize the natural remedies before you decide to take medicines that might cause side effects. Make sure that you always identify the herb properly and consult your doctor before consuming it.

source http://www.organicandhealthy.org

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