4 Diet Mistakes you’re Making That Only Create More Belly Fat

Maybe you like to lose some weight and you try rather hard but the positive results simply avoid you. In that case, you may be doing certain mistakes all over again.
Here is a small guide how to boost your metabolism and lose weight quick and without any difficulty.

1. Meals late at night will direct to weight gain

Actually this information is just a myth. In fact, our body doesn’t build up more fat by night compared any other time during the day. The food that you take is what makes you put on weight, not when you consume it.

Experts have detected that eating in the wee small hours doesn’t lead to bigger weight. To be exact, this revision took six months and included persons who were set into 2 groups.

The people included in the first group ate their biggest serving of food at breakfast. The other group had their biggest serving of food after 8 pm.

The study has shown that people in the second group lose 10% more body fat. They also lost 11% more weight than the ones who consumed their biggest meal in the morning

According to those experts, late night eating is problematical when it is enormously rich in calories.

2. Small meals all through the day will improve metabolism

This is another false claim. The speed of the metabolism doesn’t rely on how many small meals did you have. Every person is supposed to detect his own meal rate schedule.
If you eat on a few hours, you’ll avoid overeating, but you won’t lose weight sooner or boost your metabolism.

3. Radical, low-calorie diets aid you decrease weight quick

When consuming fewer calories than you need to function appropriately, the inactive metabolic rate (metabolism) will reduce. That way it would be yet harder to lose weight. Experts have detected that diets that include fewer than 1200 calories direct to the biggest shrink in your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate).

4. All calories are not made same

This information is true as a matter of fact. Our body processes various foods in a different way. Actually we burn 20 to 30% of all consumed ‘protein’ calories, 6% of all ‘carb’ calories, and 3 %o f all ‘fat’ calories in the process of digestion.

In fact, we are supposed to center on protein, since it is burned fastest, even with no working-out.
This procedure is recognized as the Thermal Effect of Food (TEF). For example, in case you consume 1000 calories of chicken and 1000 calories of ice-cream, you will gain more weight with ice-cream. In the digestion process will burn just 3% fat from the ice cream and 20 to 30% of the protein in chicken.

source http://www.healthy-food-house.com

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