6 ways on how to use this ingredient for improving your thyroid and heart

There are some people that consider this food as tasteless and boring, but in fact it is extremely beneficial for your overall health and it helps you lose weight faster.

Chayote contains great amount of nutritional benefits which will help you treat different ailments of your health. It is great for nourishing your cells, tissues and organs, and it is 100% natural. Also it can help you improve the health of any damage in your organism.

Besides the fact it improves your overall health, it also helps you get rid of fat and calories due to the great properties it contains. We are going to present to you the main six benefits you can get from consuming chayote.

1. Fiber

This ingredient is extremely rich with finer which is great for use on regular basis as part of your healthy diet. This property is great because it can eliminate bacteria and toxins from your body and it improves your intestinal tract. Fibers are also great for decreasing the level of cholesterol, but also they combat diverticulitis, constipation and irritable colon.

2. Balances blood sugar levels

As already mentioned, chayote contains fibers which are great for reduction of blood sugar levels and it can help you slim

3. Anemia

Chayote is great for combating anemia due to the vitamin B2 and iron content. These nutrients are important for production of red blood cells

4. Powerful diuretic

Chayote is great and powerful diuretic due to the high level of water it contains, but also due to the potassium which is in great amounts found in it. Also this ingredient does not contain sodium. Therefore, we can easily say that it is highly recommended for use by people that have problems with their blood pressure

5. Improves your heart

Due to the high amount of vitamins and minerals this ingredient is magnificent for the health of your heart. One of the main properties of chayote is folic acid, potassium and magnesium which are found in high amounts.

The folic acid is great for reduction of excess of homocysteine which is responsible for development of atherosclerosis.
On the other hand potassium and magnesium are great for regulation of blood pressure, as well as preventing formation of clot and arrhythmia. In fact, chayote also contains zinc, iron and fibers which are great for strengthening your cardiovascular system.

6. Improves thyroid health

Chayote is great for losing weight and it is highly recommended for use by people that have problems with their hormone balance. It contains zinc which helps the process of conversation between T4 to T3. Also the content of the copper helps you prevent the excessive segregation of T3 hormone.

People that suffer from thyroid have constant feeling of tiredness, anxiety, depression and reduced concentration. If you consume chayote you will manage to get rid of these symptoms and improve the health of the thyroid.

When you go to buy chayote you should always look for the bigger ones, and also make sure they are ripe. You can prepare chayote by boiling, baking or roasting. Also do not throw the leaves because they are also great for preparation of tea due to the anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.

source http://homeremedieshouse.com

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