7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan and Lose 30 lbs

Sugar is definitely extremely harmful for your health, and you should always look for reducing the use and detoxifying the body from it. Many people are consuming sweets and cakes that contain lots of sugar, as well as many other sugary products. In fact, these products are contributing to weight gaining, formation of wrinkles, and reducing energy levels.

People that are not able to resist the sugar in the morning coffee, or afternoon sugary snack, suggest they have become sugar addicts.

These are the main reasons why you should avoid sugar:

1. It can lead to sugar addiction
2. Increases the risk of diabetes
3. It can lead to formation of gallstones
4. Decreases energy levels
5. Causes fatigue
6. Contributes to the process of cancer development
7. Damages the vision
8. Causes arthritis
9. Leads to eczema
10. It causes premature aging
11. It can cause cardiovascular issues
12. Can lead to hypoglycemia
13. Causes ulcers
14. Reduces the minerals in the body
15. Leads to accumulation of calories
16. Suppresses the immune system
17. Leads to increases levels of serotonin

Here is the best 7-day detox plan that can help you clean your body from sugar:

Day 1
Breakfast: baked eggs and spinach topped with cheese
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: cheesy sweet peppers, and green salad
Dinner: baked chicken with spinach, cucumber salad and feta cheese, and tomatoes
Snack: ricotta cheese, ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract, and ¼ cup part skin

Day 2
Breakfast: frittata and dried tomato
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: baked chicken, spinach, and peppers
Snack: vegetables (raw) and spinach dip
Dinner: mushrooms, turkey, lettuce, peppers, and sautéed spinach
Snack: cheese stick

Day 3
Breakfast: peanut butter smoothie
Snack: whites of three boiled eggs
Lunch: cucumber salad, green salad with vinegar and olive oil, sweet peppers, tomatoes
Snack: frittata and feta cheese
Dinner: veggie soup, grilled Chicken and fresh herbs
Snack: vanilla puddings (make sure it is without sugar)

Day 4
Breakfast: Sante Fe Frittata’s
Snack: cheese stick
Lunch: Chicken salad
Snack: celery with peanut butter (but make sure it is sugar free)
Dinner: Mini zucchini cheese bites and crock pot chicken, as well as bean stew
Snack: cottage cheese with cucumber

Day 5
Breakfast: Sante Fe Frittata’s
Snack: vegetables in a spicy feta dip
Lunch: tomatoes, green salad, cucumber, and soup
Snack: feta cheese salad, cucumber, and tomatoes
Dinner: cheesy sticks, and Italian green salad
Snack: vanilla chia pudding (sugar free)

Day 6
Breakfast: egg muffin
Snack: Same as day 5
Lunch: cheesy sticks and Italian bean salad
Snack: zucchini noodles, chicken with lemon, and garlic
Dinner: whites of three boiled eggs

Day 7
Breakfast: sautéed spinach, scrambled eggs, and mushrooms
Snack: ½ a cup of cottage cheese
Lunch: zucchini noodles, and veggie soup
Snack: Tamari almonds
Dinner: vanilla chia pudding (sugar free)

source http://www.beextrahealthynow.net

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