8 Signs of Protein Deficiency

Proteins are essential components for our bodies. They provide us with strength, assist our organism to get well and keep the tummies full. Proteins are actually consisted of long- chain amino acids that are the building blocks of muscles.

Many signs are telling us that we are not consuming enough proteins including the following ones:

1. Muscle and joint pain
Feeling certain weakness or pain in the muscles could be symptom that your muscles or joint fluid is breaking down to extra calories rather than using the protein we consume to put up muscles and cells.

2. Feeling more nervous and moody
Proteins have a role to aid our brain create hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Those hormones are responsible for our temper, they boost our mood and make us feel happy.

3. The hair becomes thin
The hair is consisted generally by proteins. What time we don’t consume then in adequate amounts, the hair begins to thin thinning.

4. Our nails and skin become weaker
Lack of proteins is reason for weak skin and nails and it could also trigger rashes on the skin.

5. Swollen legs
What time your body asks for more protein, you might be inclined to fluid retention. You will perceive swollen legs and feet. Proteins on the other hand, help hold salt and water in blood vessels. If there is not a sufficient amount of proteins, these fluids could leak into neighboring tissues.

6. You get sick frequently
Proteins are also essential for building all the compounds in our immune system. In case that you catch cold or infections more frequently, it means that your immune system is weak. Weak immune system could be a result of lack of iron.

7. Trouble sleeping
Insomnia could be triggered by serotonin lack, reasoned by a deficiency of some amino acids that are produced when proteins broke down.

8. Headache
Deficiency of proteins could trigger anemia or low blood sugar levels. Those factors are the major reasons for headaches.

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