Damning Research Proves Chemo and Cancer Industry is a Huge Scam

According to a shocking study about which up to now for surely you have not heard about it, the whole cancer industry is a big deception. You have not been familiar with this as it is not in the interest of Big Pharma.

The standard treatment of cancer is chemotherapy which does more damage to the body than it really cures it. The medical experts recommend this therapy as it is considered to be a life-saving one. However, this is not entirely true as according to the released study in the journal Nature Medicine which accidentally revealed the truth about chemotherapy stating that chemo triggers healthy cells to release a protein that fuels cancerous cells to further develop and quickly spread.

Furthermore, the Washington state research team found out that chemotherapy is not efficient in either treating or curing cancer. The research revealed that chemo does not treat the cancer cells; on the contrary the therapy itself causes further development and spread of cancer cells thus making the disease exceptionally more difficult to treat. The study proves that this therapy so widely practiced in the Western medicine, is a complete fraud and remarkably harmful to cancer patients.

As a matter of fact the chemotherapy causes healthy cells to release WNT16B, a protein that assists cancer cells to fully spread. Furthermore, the research team proved that chemotherapy damages the DNA of healthy cells which is crucial factor which affects the body even after the treatment is finished. This actually triggers secondary cancers which are more likely to appear after the initial cancer diagnosis in most cases of cancer survivors. Secondary cancers usually occur on completely separate area of the body from the initial diagnosis and are more aggressive and more difficult to treat.

Let us conclude chemo kills more people than cancer. Even the doctors that practice these harmful treatments are aware of the fact how devastating these treatments can be for their patients. Likewise, it is a common fact that 9 out of 10 oncologists avoid using chemotherapy for their cancer patients. In percentage that is 90% which confirms the obvious truth that chemo is so harmful turning into deadly. It is utterly irresponsible to suggest chemo treatment when the chemo destroys the healthy cells as well, and triggers future cancer.

Yet, cancer treatments are the most profitable ones as they generate $100 billion dollars a year, and if people are in perfect health then how the medical and pharmaceutical industries will make their billions. The golden chicken is not destroyed knowing how much profit it can bring, and any existing natural treatment will be subdued so that the standard cancer treatment continues producing more and more golden eggs.

This deadly disease still takes lot of victims no matter of the age or gender. Namely, it is predicted that this year 8 million people will die from this devastating disease. The most upsetting truth is that children and babies will be included in the prospect statistics because pediatric cancers are constantly increasing.

Nowadays, the number one cause of cancer death in kids is brain cancer, and according to the American Cancer Society over 10 000 children will be diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Unfortunately, most of the doctors will push the chemo therapy as an only solution for treating this disease which is utterly not true. Therefore, you need to be very careful regarding this matter and always seek for the natural solution because it exists, but it is hidden from the Big Pharma industry, but nothing can stay hidden if people are trying to find it.



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