The most effective homemade peeling cream against stretch marks and cellulite!

Almost all peeling creams are used for removing dead skin cells and pollutant that are stuck on the skin which can develop epidermis. In most cases of use of these products could lead to exfoliating impact due to the abrasive elements which are found in it.

Apart from the fact that these products smoothens your skin, they also act as stimulants for regrowth of skin cells and improvement of circulation.

These peeling creams are also beneficial for minimizing or removing stretch marks that are formed by cellulite. The fact is that you won’t need expensive cosmetic products for such treatment of your skin because we are going to present to you the best DIY peeling cream recipe which you can prepare at home. This homemade cream is absolutely great for removing stretch marks caused by cellulite. In order to prepare this cream you will use ingredients that you most probably already have in your home.

Here is the recipe.

1. Salt – 1 cup
2. Sugar – 1 cup
3. Palm or Olive oil – ½ cup

You will need to mix all ingredients together until you get fine jelly mixture. Leave this mixture to sit for 30 minutes, and afterwards you should mix it again. Once you have the cream ready you can use it.

Apply it on your affected area by doing circular massaging movements for at least 2-3 minutes. You should repeat this process every night before you take your shower. When you are done with the massage and use of the cream wash it off with warm water. Also you can add moisturizer after the treatment.

If you want to have the best results with this natural remedy you should consider using it for at least one month. The results will simply amaze you. Also once you start the treatment you should not stop with it because you will reverse the process.


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