The gynecologist won’t tell you this because you can’t buy it: destroys fungi, bacteria and odor. The best thing is that you have got it at your home!

Vaginitis is a frequent condition between women at the present time. Yet, a lot of women, even now, feel uncomfortable to discuss about the symptoms they go through. However, that is not a reason or excuse to avoid visiting a gynecologist so as to stay safe.

Several of the most frequent signs are:

– foul-smelling secret
– stomach pain
– inflammation of the mucous membranes
– redness
– genital itching

As a matter of fact, vaginitis is an inflammation of the lining of the vagin. This condition is indicated by pathogenic bacteria. Actually, the women vagina has many different microorganisms that are able to be useful and pathogenic. The way of life, the age of the woman, and the work of the ovaries, has influence on the balance of those microorganisms.

The vaginal wall has a superior content of glycogen and all those matters could have an effect on it. Glycogen is switched into high concentration of lactic acid which aids in prevention of damaging bacteria. Actually alkaline surroundings in the vagina might be the cause for lots diseases.

Doctors recommend a number of antibiotics to treat this problem. As always, those drugs could be costly and followed by many side effects. They are also able to make the condition worse and increase the fungal infections. Antibiotics may also bring allergic reactions and extra dryness.

This article, will introduce you few natural remedies that could aid you with vaginitis. It is good that they will normalize the micro flora of the vagina and reduce the signs of vaginitis rapidly!
Note: Primarily, you need to go to a doctor to verify what the cause for the vaginitis is.

The home remedies for vaginitis:

– Lemon juice – Melt one tbsp of lemon juice in four cups of tepid water. Douche using this combination.
– Vinegar – Combine two tbsp-s of 9% acidity vinegar into four cups of boiling water. Next, wash the outer parts of your genitalia with the mix. Repeat this sure until you see progress.
– Chamomile tea – Combine two tbsp-s of dried chamomile flowers in four cups boiling water. Boil the mixture for five to ten minutes. Wash with the tea and go over the process until you see progress.

In case that you like to stay away from vaginal infections, initially you need to make some changes in lifestyle. Include more dairy products in your nutrition; use underwear made of natural fabrics and utilize products that with lactic acid for intimate hygiene. In case that you have a partner, ensure that he or she also pays attention of hygiene.


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