This Is What Happens If You Hold The Hands In This Positions!

Considering the surroundings we live in, those pains and aches in our mind and body could be taken as consequently. Excluding the painkillers, medicines and conventional drug, people frequently put into practice yoga, acupuncture and meditation. The experience has shown that those methods are really helpful, but meet this method as well.

This method lots people have not heard about it before is Mudra hand gestures. It is about a method that originally comes from India. Mudra is consisted of using eight gestures performed with hands that encourage diverse parts of the mind and body. That way different pains and aches are relieved and the gestures are rather helpful when they are utilized frequently. Now the gestures:

Whenever you feel down, go for this hand gesture. It is supposed to boost the air element and eliminate lethargy, boost creative thinking and passion.

It is very often that we face anxiety. This condition has to be eliminated permanently while the gesture is believed to ease anxiety and reduce the air element.



The next gesture boosts the space element; aids ease congestive troubles, anger, sorrow and fright.


It is about a gesture that decreases the space element and eases ear pain.


Assuming you have sore muscles and you feel exhausted, this is the right gesture for you. Prithvi-mudra boosts the earth element and reduces the fire element.


This is a gesture with opposite effects from the earlier gesture. It decreases the earth element and boosts the fire element, being helpful for persons with thyroid gland failure.


If you feel pain in the joints, cramps and deal with arthritis, practice this gesture. It is thought to boost the water element.

The last gesture decreases the water element. It is excellent for the ones that have runny nose, watery eyes and too much sweating.

Good about this method is that it could be practiced in all places. You certainly ought to test it since you will gain so much.


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