People all around the world especially women desperately try to lose weight. Some of them are successful in doing that, and some of them are not. Whatever the result is, it is always difficult to achieve this.

Fortunately, there are natural ingredients that can speed up the weight loss process thereby burning more calories without having to put up so much effort to do this.

Have you tried honey and cinnamon?

This is a great combo for losing weight which has to be combined with a proper diet and physical activity so that the weight loss process is accelerated. This mixture will help you to surpass the food cravings successfully and quickly.

This article will show you how to prepare this easy recipe and lose weight efficiently:

Needed ingredients:

  • 250 ml of water
  • 2 tbsp. of honey
  • 1 tsp. of cinnamon


Mix boiling water with the one teaspoon of cinnamon. Then, remove the pot from heat, and leave it to cool down on a room temperature.

The honey is included when the solution is cold so that the miraculous properties of honey are kept which will help you in efficiently losing weight. If you add honey in boiling water all the amazing benefits of honey will be gone.


Divide the solution into two equal parts. The first one you need to drink it before going to bed, and the other one in the morning on an empty stomach.

After a week, you will notice that you are losing weight faster than before. This will be great encouragement for you to proceed the treatment and the weight loss procedure.

Honey contains powerful antioxidants and enzymes which have a great impact on the body health wise. Likewise, cinnamon is a potent ingredient that has many health advantages from boosting the metabolism to reducing the cholesterol. Even when they are used separately they will greatly influence your body providing you with various benefits.

However, when combined together they are making this fantastic duo which will significantly help you in your goal of losing weight. Share this recipe with your loved ones and enjoy its outstanding results.


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