Learn more about the health benefits of olive oil and dried figs

Most people that live in coastal regions have their own traditional recipes which will be presented to you in this article due to their health benefits.

The recipe includes only natural ingredients which can help you treat hemorrhoids, anemia, stomach issues, high cholesterol, constipation and infertility.

Here is why you should use figs:
This plant is consistent of extremely large amounts of calcium which can easily replace the use of dairy products especially if you are allergic to them. Figs also are extremely rich in fibers which can give you great laxative effect. Also this ingredient is great for losing weight.

Figs are also rich with nutrients that help you regulate your blood pressure. Also it contains high amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fats which can help you prevent coronary heart attacks. If you use dried figs you will manage to stimulate antioxidant activity in your body due to the phenol property it contains.

On the other hand it is great for removing kidney stones as some studies have found out. In order to remove kidney stones you should boil 200ml of water with six figs. Consume this remedy for at least one month on daily basis in order to get rid of the stones in the kidney.

Also fig leafs are extremely beneficial for people that have diabetes because they will help you decrease the amount of insulin. Figs are also rich with tryptophan which can help you have great goodnight sleep.

On the other hand it is rich with vitamin C and vitamin B6 which makes it great for daily use.

Try this mixture:

1. Olive oil
2. 40 dried figs

Put all dried figs in a jar and add the olive oil on top of it. Make sure that the figs are completely covered. Close the jar and leave it in dry place for 40 days. This period will allow the figs to absorb the olive oil and all of its great properties. After these 40 days, your remedy is ready and you can start consuming it before every meal you have.

Enjoy the health benefits!

source http://homeremedieshouse.com

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