Natural Remedies to Treat Gastritis and Repair Damaged Intestinal Flora

The stomach is the main organ responsible for digestion of food. It is responsible for processing the food and turning it into the nutrients we need. Therefore, in some occasions it can be affected by various diseases.

One of them is gastritis, which consists of an inflammation of the stomach mucosa. This occurs in the form of red spots that cause irritation and in the worst case, some bleeding.

Gastritis can be caused by several things, although it is mainly related to bad eating habits. Other causes are stress, alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse. It is true that there are currently several drugs to treat and relieve gastritis, however not everyone has access to them. That’s why we want to show you some techniques that will help you combat it in a simple and practical way.

Fight the symptoms of gastritis with these simple techniques

Rice water: Combating the discomfort caused by gastritis is extremely simple. To do this, boil 4 cups of water with two handfuls of rice. When it has boiled, filter it and let cool. Drink this liquid during the day and soon you will feel much better.

Apple and chamomile: First, peel and cut the apple into small pieces. Then boil the apple pieces together with the chamomile. When it boils and the apple is cooked, remove it from the fire and drink this liquid every morning. With this, the discomfort will slowly disappear.

Ginger and pear: The preparation procedure is the same as the previous remedy. Peel the pear and chop it into small pieces. Put it to boil with the ginger and let it cool. This drink is consumed every day (half a cup). Since ginger has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect, you can alternate this drink with the previous one. The effects achieved will be impressive.

Carrot juice and celery: This remedy is extremely simple. Just peel 2 carrots and put it in a blender. Afterwards, add a sprig of celery and some water. Blend well and drink this mixture. This drink will deflate the stomach and help alleviate the discomforts quickly.

Parsley water: This drink is very good, since, besides being a diuretic, it disinflames the stomach mucosa. To prepare this drink, you need to liquefy few parsley bunches in 4 cups of water. When it is well liquefied, let it rest and drink that liquid throughout the day.

With these simple techniques, you can combat gastritis and its annoying symptoms.

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