Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency You Should Not Ignore

The number of people that lack iron in the body dramatically increases. According to official statistical reports, this nutritional deficiency is most common in the US.
Iron is extremely important for production of hemoglobin. This protein supports the process of oxygen delivery through the red blood cells. Deficiency of iron also lead to anemia.

Here is a list of symptoms that suggest that your body lacks iron:

1. Exhaustion and fatigue
These two symptoms are very common when deficiency of iron occurs. When the red blood cells are unable to transfer the oxygen can lead to serious health issues, such as constant fatigue and exhaustion.

2. Apathy
Another symptom of iron deficiency is the feeling of apathy. You can feel apathy towards anything, and if you experience this symptom make sure that you increase the consumption of iron.

3. Cold hands and feet
Iron deficiency leads to poor blood circulation thus your feet and hands feel cold and numb.

4. Brittle nails
Once your body lacks iron it can manifest in form of brittle nails. This is caused due to the lack of oxygen which is required for healthy and strong nails.

5. Hair loss
People that suffer from hair loss most probably are suffering from iron deficiency. This condition is related directly to the hair loss. You will need to consult your doctor if you notice this problem.

6. Shortness of breath
Because iron is important for the transfer of oxygen, when your body lacks iron it can lead to shortness of breath. Most probably you will notice this problem when you climb the stairs, walk, or carrying objects.

7. Pale skin
If your body lacks iron the level of hemoglobin decreases thus causing your skin becoming lighter.
In case you notice any of these symptoms make sure that you consult your doctor and prevent development of anemia.


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