This plant helps you overcome joint pain and headaches, and boost your memory

Laurel is great spice that almost everyone has it in their kitchen, but also we know that these leaves have medicinal properties that can help us improve our health.
Laurel leaves are great for preparing excellent medicinal oil which contains lots of health benefits and you can prepare it from your home.

Here are the benefits of bay leaves:

1. Boosts your immune system
2. Calms the nervous system
3. Relieves joint pain and treats varicose veins
4. Improves mental health
5. Reduces problems with colon
6. Helps you stimulate the sweating process

Here is how to prepare it

1. Bay leaves – 30 grams
2. Olive oil – 250 ml

Take the leaves and grind them completely until they release light oil. You need to make sure that you use dry leaves. When you get the oil from the leaves you should put it in a container and cover them with olive oil.

Close the container and leave it for two weeks, and make sure you leave it in cool and dry place. After two weeks you will need to replace the leaves with new ones in order to remain the aroma, simply do the same procedure. After another two weeks you will need to use cloth in order to strain the oil and consume it.

Here are the benefits of it
– use this oil for affected areas such as joints in order to relieve the pain
– relieving migraine and ear
– overcoming problems with headaches, massage the temples in order to quickly get rid of it
– replacement of aspirin because the oil does not increase the body temperature
– improvement of appetite
– helps you get rid of pain in the stomach and intestines
– normalizing renal and hepatic function
– resolving skin issues on your face such as acnes and pimples


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