How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

This expression is a capability to feel sympathy for other people, and have the skill to appreciate others.


This is deeper feeling where a person profoundly understands the other. Simultaneously he shares his emotions and feelings with the other person. In simple terms, an “empathizer” is someone that experiences other person`s emotions as they are his own.

On the other hand, it is a rather frequent condition when a strong empathizer soaks the negative emotions. He often suffers from the people that are around him. Consequently, they become anxious and could not keep on functioning properly.

We all know how it could be when we communicate with an extremely negative person. It feels like this person is pouring into us all his problems and troubles. A result of this situation usually is becoming as negative as this person.

That’s why we have to learn how to protect ourselves from such negative energy. Actually this negative energy and the current emotional state have influence on our body in many ways, physically and mentally. The positive life attitude is of greatest significance since that is the key for good and satisfying life. check out the following 5 ways how to get to this.

Five Methods How to Prevent Yourself from Absorbing Negativity Energy from Other People

1. Stop Pleasing People
Things should not be taken personally, above all when a person complains about you and talks down at you. For the most part if you try to make them satisfied or make them like you. In that way you would be included into the negativity cycle, and become reliable on their estimation, regardless it is emotional or practical.

Be aware that we are not all same, each individual has own views, likes, and dislikes. Consequently, not every person will like you, and that is a rather common thing. So, to defend yourself from other person`s negative emotions, simply prove yourself love and end satisfying other persons.

2. Stop Feeding The Beast
There is a term “emotional vampire” related to persons with parasitic personalities. Those people nourish their ego with your attention and kindness. Initially, you could even feel good being related with these types of people. Sooner or later, these people will exhaust your energy completely, leaving you feeling as a victim.

Still, it is good to help people, although give your help if there are positive results. In case that you notice that your attempts are useless, stop. Do the same if you realize that the persons you are offering your assistance; simply look for attention, not a key to their problems.

3. Find out How to Say “NO”
Generosity is a positive thing. However, you have to learn how to say “no” since some persons have a tendency to use of your kindness. Set some limits and keep to them.

As a result of that, you will protect yourself from the negative persons. Appreciate your private life and let to go into it people who cherish same values as you. Accordingly, when you meet a person, before you allow that person to stem into your life, set clear standards first.

4. Don’t put out of your mind Who is in charge for YOU
Constantly remember this rule; you are the one who is responsible for your thoughts and emotions. Your individual awareness of yourself is the most significant, not the one offered by other persons.

You must find out how to decline other persons’` approval since you are the person in charge for your feelings. Don’t depend on other people’s opinions. Therefore, select circumstances that will boost your energy. Also choose to be surrounded with people who only contribute to your qualities.

5. Go back to Nature
Our world is chaotic and full of different sorts of messy energies. For that reason, it is a fine thing to center on the plain voices of nature.
Undertake the technique of deep breathing and meditation. Breathe in deeply and fill the body with fresh air. Put into practice this simple trick and you will be revitalized. That way you could protect yourself from all the negativity near you.


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