As Strong As Morphine: This Natural Painkiller Grows In Your Backyard

Pain is something that follows our everyday life, triggered by different reasons, from injury to disease. Statistics say that pain is so common and is related to a widespread opiate dependency. Sorry to say but with so much need of finding aid, many people become dependent on a chemical bandage.

Over and over again, those painkillers usually mask the problem, sooner than fixing the source.

Sadly, it’s becoming so common that the medicinal field sees lots of those in true need as “seekers”. As a result, rather than getting release from concrete pain, people are being turned aside. Thus, they are getting it illegitimately, and pain clinics and rehabs are arising around, trying to fight the addiction.

Wild Lettuce as a Healthy Choice

LactucaVirosa is the exact name for wild lettuce. This herb has been used by lot people as a substitute for addictive prescription painkillers. Wild lettuce is a leafy and tall plant. It has small yellow buds, and might be grown just out your door.

Frequently detected in North America and England, wild lettuce is a cousin to lettuce we usually notice at the market. Additionally it is recognized as bitter lettuce, or more correctly, for the aim argued here, opium lettuce.

It is known as opium lettuce, because of the pain relieving and sedative properties. Those properties actually come from the white substance found in the stem and leaves, known as lactucarium.

This substance doesn’t include any opiates, but it shows akin side effects when utilized/ Lactucarium acts right on the central nervous system (CNS), to ease the sense of pain, same as morphine.

Although it appears as the best reserved secret, it has a tradition of use as a substitute to pain relief.


Historical Use

In the 19th century, wild lettuce was previously used as an alternative to opium. However, it was in the 70’s when it begin to become more popular by people that looked for natural cure. People were beginning to utilize it equally for pain relief, plus recreational aim.

Earlier, people that used lettuce made it on various ways. Some cook it in a pan with water and sugar, until it turned into a thick syrup-like texture. Even as this was an efficient form, it was rather bitter in spite of the added sugar. The most usual way of use was by drying the stem and leaves and then used as an herbal tea.

This tea is still very famous these days. However, it is additionally being dried for smoking, or vaporizing. In case that you can’t grow it yourself, wild lettuce can be obtained as a dried herb, extract, or resin substance.

Other Benefits

These are the most well-known reasons why people look for this natural pain killer and medicinal plant:

• Migraines – People with this problem, say that it reduces the number of migraines compared to before.

• Insomnia – many people with trouble sleeping use wild lettuce. This herb develops a relaxed and euphoric feeling. That’s how it helps a person fall asleep without troubles and without the usual addictive qualities of prescribed sleeping pills.

• Anxiety – Wild lettuce could be a mild sedative. It helps persons with anxiety to discover relieve from the stress it causes.

• Asthma and Cough – Wild lettuce has antitussive properties as well. Those properties help ease or hold back a cough. Additionally, asthma patients who have utilized opiates see more episodes in case they experience opiate withdrawal. Consequently, using wild lettuce rather than prescription opiates, might be a healthier alternative for them.


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