Summer’s Around the Corner, This Brilliant Trick Will Keep You Tick-Free All Season Long

As summer is approaching, warnings about ticks have been more and more frequent. These warnings that come from experts and scientists are in regards to the protection and awareness of the possible infections you might get from these creatures. Also experts are suggesting that this summer there will be more ticks than before because of the mild winter. On the other hand, the blame for increased number of ticks go to the mice because tick loves them, and from mice they can transmit the Lyme disease.

Now that you know this, you should always go prepared with protection against these creatures when you go hiking, backpacking, or long walk in nature. Ticks carry very dangerous diseases so it is important that you know how to protect yourself. People that live in a wooded areas should also be very careful with this creatures, and must know how to protect themselves.

We are going to present to you the best natural remedy that will help you get rid of these creatures. The only thing that you will need is lint roller with adhesive layers. You should always carry this with you when you go outside. When you walk around you should fully roll it down once in a while, and see what have you picked up.

Besides the use of the roller you can also use essential oils in order to repel ticks. Combining the essential oil and the roller is the best solution against ticks.

These are the most effective essential oils against ticks:

1. Lavender
This is great ingredient that has lovely scent due to which ticks will be kept away from you. Also it is great against mosquitos, flies and other insects. You should put few drops on the wrist, legs, and other exposed areas of the body.

2. Lemon
Using lemon essential oil can definitely help you repel ticks from coming close to you. You will need to dilute the oil before applying it in the skin.

3. Eucalyptus
The Journal of Medical Entomology recommends this oil as most effective against ticks. You may mix it with citronella oil in order to be even more effective.

4. Pennyroyal
This remedy is great against different bugs including ticks. It is considered as the most toxic ingredient for insects. You will need to apply few drops on the exposed skin area in order to protect yourself from any insect.

Here are some additional tips on how to repel ticks:

– Make sure that you wear proper clothing that covers the ankles, and use light colors in order to be able to spot ticks
– Make sure that you neck and head are covered
– Use long socks in order to prevent ticks from getting inside your pants
– Always put the clothes in the dryer after you have been walking around in order to kill any insects
– Take hot shower after being outside in order to remove any bugs from the body.


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