How to Detox Every Organ in Your Body and Never Be Sick or Tired

Official statistics show that the number of people (including youngsters) are suffering from autoimmune conditions and cancer. There might be plenty of different reasons for these conditions and diseases, such as stress, viruses, hormonal imbalance, parasites, processed foods, heavy metals, etc.

All of these causes lead to poor immune system which can affect the overall health. Also when the immune system is low it can lead to accumulation of toxins, vomiting, and fever. Due to these reasons it is important that the immune system is running properly in order to protect the body.

In most cases these conditions are caused as a result of GMO food, wheat, sugar, and pesticides. On the other hand, if unnecessary proteins leak through the gut, when the immune system is running properly it will alert the body and respond to it. This respond will result with speeded up immunity which leads to inflammation.

Here is a list of autoimmune conditions:

1. Lupus
2. Eczema
3. Asthma
4. Rheumatoid arthritis
5. Diabetes
6. Vitiligo
7. Leukemia
8. Autism

Here is how to detox your body and improve the immune system

Healthy diet
In order to be able to detoxify your body you should try to consume healthy diet, thus avoiding processed foods, GMO, and sugar. Also you should avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine.

Instead try to increase the consumption of avocado, olive oil, fish, coconut, nuts, probiotics, seeds, etc. Also you shouldn’t use birth control pills, and tap water. Finally, try to increase the consumption of alkaline foods.

Detox of the liver
In order to detox your liver you should use castor oil, dandelion root, beets, and turmeric. In case you are suffering from gallstones try to increase the consumption of tart apples in a period of one week, as well as drinking carrot juice. This way you will manage to detoxify your liver and prevent formation of gallstones.

Detox the kidneys
You should use ginger, vitamin B6, horsetail, and vegetable glycerin in order to detoxify your kidneys. Also you can try to detoxify your liver with lemon water, apple cider vinegar, and cranberry juice. On the other hand, you should always try to avoid consuming foods that contain pesticides.

Detox of the colon
The best way to detox your colon is by using coffee enemas, triphala, and Indian gooseberry. Also try to increase the consumption of green vegetables and drink more water. On the other hand you should consume garlic, ginger, activated charcoal, vitamin C, fennel, and Aloe Vera, in order to clean your colon.

Removing heavy metals
You should consume zeolite clay, garlic, cilantro, Brussels sprouts, and foods rich with sulfur in order to remove heavy metals from the body. Also it is recommended to avoid unnecessary vaccines that contain heavy metals.

Removing parasites
Regular consumption of distilled water, cloves, garlic, coffee enemas, cinnamon, and coconut oil can help you remove parasites from the body

Cleansing the lymphatic system
It is best to exercise regularly in order to stimulate the lymphatic system. Also you can try doing yoga and regular massages.

Cleaning the skin
You should try to avoid using commercial products for cleaning of the face because they contain lots of chemicals that can do more harm than good. In order to clean your skin you should use sauna, hot yoga, and sweat more. Also you should regularly use bathwater with Epsom salt. On the other hand, vitamin D can help you prevent prostate and breast cancer.


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