These two fruits will help you prevent atrophy and loss of muscles

Many experts suggest that you can treat atrophy of your muscles by taking healthy food. Such common condition can occur at anyone so we believe it is important to be informed. Some of the methods for controlling the loss of muscular mass is in the use of apples and tomatoes.

The process of growth begins with the birth of new human being, and it lasts for years. Our muscles and skeleton develop constantly until we reach climax. In regards to your muscles, they can become bigger and stronger up until 30 years old, and afterwards the process of constant regeneration stops and may decrease.

People above 40 lose approximately 3-5% of their muscle mass every 10 years. The problem arises for people over 75 where these percentages increase vastly and the muscle atrophy speeds up, and this is considered as normal aging process of the body.

Latest statistical research shows that life expectancy is increased over the past decades. Today we don’t consider someone over 75 as being elder because these people still can obtain multiple tasks.

This is the main reason why it is important to prevent atrophy and not get distract you from your daily tasks. If you experience weakness in muscles it might cause everyone vulnerable to bone injuries and fractures due to the risk of falling.

In fact, there are many specialists that have found a way how to treat muscle atrophy through eating!

One of the genetic factor which is responsible for muscle atrophy is ATF4. Scientists from the University of Iowa have found that there are two compounds which are actually capable of inhibiting this genetic factor. These compounds can be found in certain foods which we consume almost on daily basis. More specifically we are talking about ursolic acid which is found in apple peel, and tomatidine which is found in green tomatoes.

The inhibition process actually refers to preventing or reversing the process of loss of muscle mass. Treating muscle loss with these remedies is already published in the Journal of Biological

Chemistry which states that this method has been already tested and it is positive example.
The tests were made on different groups and they concluded that the use of ursolic acid and tomatidine on regular basis for at least two months increase the muscle mass. As time was passing while the research was conducted, the scientists found that the muscle mass has increased up to 30% in some cases.

Therefore, in order to prevent atrophy of your muscles you should consume apples and green tomatoes. Feel free to consume it at any time of the day. Also make sure that you use organic food in order to prevent consumption of toxic substances which might be found in it. In case you can’t find organic food, please make sure that you disinfect the food.


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