Why You Should Make Your Teeth Whiter Using Home Remedies?

Flawlessly white teeth, lined up to perfection, making the smiles of the celebrities even prettier is something that we see every day in the media, making us dream about that wonderful Hollywood smile. There are numerous dental procedures that are able to help you make your teeth pearly white, but we all know the truth that these procedures can be very expensive so not everyone is able to pay for them. On the other hand, there are some natural remedies which are able to give even better results with no damaging of the tooth enamel and make your teeth whiter totally naturally.

At the beginning let’s check out why our teeth might become yellow. It could happen as a result of many reasons although it’s generally related to genetics, nutrition and drink stains, poor health, use of antibiotics, bad dental hygiene and unhealthy diet.
What actually happens?

The teeth are covered with their enamel. It is actually the strong protective layer outside the teeth. As the time passes, certain foods and drinks, mostly the ones that are colored, for example cola, are able to make stains to the enamel and be a reason of discoloration of the teeth. Those substances make the enamel and weaker, exposing the yellow dentin underneath.
Home remedies could be very efficient in bringing back your teeth’s whiteness and one of the positive sides of the home remedies is that they are not expensive at all.

Check out some of the most helpful home natural remedies you can use for whitening your teeth
1) Baking soda and lemon juice
2) Strawberries, salt and baking soda
3) Coconut oil
4) Oil
5) Food grade hydrogen peroxide
6) Charcoal
7) Good dental hygiene

When it comes to charcoal, you probably consider that might be strange using it for whitening teeth, but it works like a charm. We are not talking about the charcoal used for making barbeque but a reheated, oxidized variant that actually possesses natural teeth whitening properties, acting by stripping away the stains and plaque. Charcoal acts as a natural adhesive, fastening with the remains that stain your teeth. Tea, coffee, wine or plaque stains will disappear right away when you spit it out. However, make sure to be very careful when you use charcoal with it because it’s a messy substance. It is able to take away the stains on the teeth but it will stain your clothes in case that you’re not careful when you use it.

On the other hand, it has to be said that some people’s teeth shade might be naturally darker or yellow. In those cases some of these home remedies may not change the teeth color, just remove the stains, but there is an answer for this situation too – a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide is able to make wonders, just read the instructions and follow them precisely.
Taken in general, coconut oil is the excellent-oil that could be utilized for everything – from skin, hair and diet to teeth whitening and dental hygiene. You could brush your teeth using coconut oil, or try putting coconut oil on your finger and massaging it into your teeth and gums. It is recommended to use good quality and organic coconut oil.

We will conclude with the most important thing and that is maintaining adequate dental hygiene. That means brushing your teeth in the morning and right before you go to bed. Floss your teeth on a regular basis and visit your dentist often or for any tooth decay you see, sooner than it spreads to other healthy teeth. As addition to the regular hygiene, try out some of these home remedies and don’t give up too early, they won’t be effective in case that you use them on occasion. Employ them in your morning or evening dental habits and in a little while you’ll note considerable progress.

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