Ladies, these things you should not do to your breasts!

The breasts are one of the most appealing parts of the female body but at the same time one of the most vulnerable organs that have to be treated very gently because they are apt to damage. As a result, in case that you want to take good care of the breasts, and stay away from possible damage, be sure that you go after these few advice:

– A small bra
Many women consider that it would look sexier to wear a bra that is one or two numbers smaller than the right size. However, this is not good option because you are actually making serious irritations and potential damage of the breasts.

– Not wearing a bra while running
Some women don’t like wear a bra while running but that could possibly trigger serious problems for the connective tissue in the breasts.

– Clutching chest
The breasts shouldn’t be punched forcefully or treated harshly in any other way because they could get damaged very easy.

– Warts removal
Often there are hairs around the nipple area even in women, and many of them decide to get rid of them regularly. Even so, in case that you are apt to do this very often, there is a chance those hairs to become thicker and more noticeable in the future, in addition to the risk of serious inflammations.

– Pinching
Sometimes, when persons are intimate, they practice nipple pinching but this could also end up with serious consequences.

– Nipple piercings
Breaking the nipples to put a piercing looks as something dangerous, and it surely is since it could trigger serious pneumonia!


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