10 Minutes of This Exercise Burns More Calories than 30 Minutes of Jogging

For many people it is rather hard to find an enthusiasm to start jogging. Usually people say they don’t have enough time for running; that it is too hard or jogging is awful. Then again, others could have trouble with injuries, ache in joints and knees, or troubles with their feet.

In reality, if you belong to those categories brought up before, we have answer for you.

Here is ten minutes workout plan that will provide you most excellent results. At the same time you will burn calories in rather short period of time.

The 10 minutes exercise includes jump rope. Here are some of the benefits of this exercise:

1. Total body workout
This workout is excellent for the whole body. It has an effect on your arms, legs, abs, shoulders, and back.

2. Burns calories quickly
In line with different examinations, ten minutes of jumping a rope is equivalent to one hour of jogging. This is a great way to burn calories more rapidly and recover the heart health.

3. Excellent for coordination
For kids it is rather hard to jump a rope since it asks for superior body coordination. Because of this truth, it is ideal for improving stability, responses, and coordination.

4. It’s flexible

Jumping is great workout since you could do it anywhere you like (home, fitness center, backyard, beach).

Check out some extra tips:

– Look for a good rope. That means to be made of good material, with good handle, and right length. Ropes can be found in sport stores.
– Utilize sneakers with no padding, or just try to jump without any shoes.
– What time you workout, always maintain the head and the body in a straight line. At the same time bent the knees a little.
– Spin the rope only with your wrists, not the whole arms.
– Hold the rope with your fingers more willingly than your palms
– It is recommended to jump on your toes and ensure that the heels don’t touch the floor. It is not necessary at all to jump high
– One time you adapt to it you ought to dare yourself with crossover, single leg hop

Check out this video that could give you more information on this ten minute fat burning workout:

source http://www.staynaturallyhealthy.com

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