8 Effective Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Women that are in menopause usually experience hot flashes which often interrupt their daily activities and make them feel uncomfortable.

Many women decide to avoid the prescribed hormone therapy due to the side effects they cause. Instead, they decide to turn towards natural remedies that will help them improve the symptoms caused by menopause.

The main reason for hot flushed is the change of hormone levels, which is usual characteristic of menopause. Women might experience hot flushed years before the start of menopause, and it can last for several more years afterwards.

Hot flushes usually are very intense and cause sweating and increased heartbeat. Many women actually feel they might faint when experiencing hot flashes. The frequency of hot flushes is few times per week. These flushes can actually occur during the entire day, and might interrupt your sleep. Also it is known they cause swings of your mood, and decreased concentration.

We are going to present to you natural remedies that can help you relieve hot flushes, and in the meantime improve your life.

It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor before you decide to take any supplements that might interfere with your medications.

1. Black cohosh
This herb originates from the USA and Canada, and its extracts are great anti-inflammatory agents that can treat symptoms of hot flushes. You may find it in form of tables, dried herb, and tinctures. If you decide to use this remedy make sure that you follow the instructions in the package.

2. Fermented soy
This remedy has great reputation for relieving symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes. You can utilize this remedy in your pasta sauces and stir fries. Also you can bake or grill this remedy. The results will amaze you due to the great properties it contains.

3. Try to avoid triggers
In fact there are certain triggers that cause hot flushes, so knowing about them can help you avoid them. Some of the triggers that you need to avoid are heat, smoking, alcohol, stress, and spicy foods. Also try to keep your bedroom cool during the night, and make sure that you use healthy diet.

4. Primrose oil
Even though this remedy is still under research in order to provide certain evidence on its effect against hot flushes, reports from people that have tried it as treatment show that it is highly effective against hot flushes. If you are taking medications such as blood thinners should avoid this herb.

5. Flaxseed
Flaxseed is packed with nutrients which help you reduce the symptoms of menopause. It is great for relieving hot flushes due to the linseed it contains. You may consume this remedy as a whole or in oil form. If you decide to use the whole seed make sure you ground the flaxseed in order to ease the process of absorption. Feel free to add flaxseed to your breakfast and yogurt, as well as other dishes.

6. Red clover
Red clover is great remedy that releases estrogen like effect in the body due to the chemical properties it contains. All of the substances it contains are related as great treatment of menopause symptoms. You can consume this remedy in form of dried herb, tea, tincture, extract, and capsules

7. Maca root
This is the best natural hormone regulator which can help you relieve menopause symptoms, including hot flushes. Also it can prevent sudden mood changes, insomnia, breast tenderness, vaginal dryness, and low libido. You can consume this remedy in form of capsules or powder.

If you decide to use the powder you should consume ¼ teaspoon per day and gradually increase the dosage until you get to one tablespoon per day. Feel free to mix it with your favorite smoothie, water, tea, or oatmeal. For people that dislike the taste it is recommended to use the capsules. Consume this remedy for one or two months and afterwards take a break for a week.

8. Dong quai
This root is traditional Chinese herb medicine that can treat reproductive problems in women. Also it is great for relieving menopause symptoms, including hot flashes. You can find this remedy in several forms, but the best one is tablets and powders.

source http://www.healthyandnaturalworld.com

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