Cashew Nutrition: Absolute the Best Treatment for Depression without Medication

Nuts are excellent, but cashews are even better. Sorry to say but it seems that those nuts were never interesting enough for the scientists. That’s why there are only a small number of scientific studies about them. Cashews ask for humid and hot climate, and they are mostly produced in Tanzania, Nigeria, Brazil and Mozambique.

Top 5 health benefits of cashews:

1. Cashews are loaded with calories and a portion of only 50 grams has 275 calories in total. Also they have a lot of vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber, and phytochemicals. Therefore they put off many health conditions including cancer.

2. Palmitoleic and oleic acids found in these nuts are perfect for the cardiovascular health. These are actually essential fats and they reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol and regulate good (HDL) cholesterol levels. Monounsaturated fats are crucial element of the Mediterranean nutrition, which is positive for the general health.

Many studies have also shown that they prevent coronary artery disease and unexpected stroke by controlling blood lipids..

3. Cashews are an amazing supply of potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, and iron. With consuming a healthy portion of cashews, you obtain the suggested quantity of these minerals, and avert deficit-connected conditions. A handful of cashews a day would be totally enough.

Selenium is an essential micronutrien. Actually it is one of the co-elements of anti-cancer complexes as Glutathione peroxides. It is recognized as one of the greatest cell supporters in the organism. Copper on the other hand is a co-variable for critical catalysts as cytochrome c-oxidase and superoxide dismutase. Zinc is a part of compounds that manage the progress of processing, DNA union and gonadal capacity.

4. Cashews have many vitamins including pyridoxine (vitamin B6), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), thiamin (vitamin B11), and riboflavin. A portion of 100 grams gives 30% of the suggested every day ingestion of B6 (0.147mg). Vitamin B6 decreases the danger of homocystinuria and sideroblastic anemia.

Niacin keeps away dermatitis and pellagra. All those vitamins are important for the metabolism of fat, protein and curbs.

5. Cashews have small quantity of zeaxanthin too. This antioxidant assimilates in the retinal macula, protecting against harmful UV rays and macular degeneration cased by the process of getting older.

Cashews are believed to be the greatest unconventional medication for depression.

Natural cure for depression – Cashew diet

Tryptophan is a vital amino acid, and cashews have a lot of it. The role of the amino acids is to support the proper growth of the children, support quality sleep, but also they take care of anxiety, nervousness and depression.

By consuming only 2 handfuls of cashews, your organism gets about 1,500mg of tryptophan. That is just the identical quantity like in the recommendation antidepressants. On the other hand, these healthy cashews therapies provide healing without any side effects. That is not case with the conventional medicine but however, Big Pharma does not make any profit if you are aware of that.

Cashew nut allergy

The only concerning information is that these nuts are able to cause allergic reactions in persons at any age. Furthermore, cashew nut allergy is rather frequent. That is similar as the allergies triggered by walnuts, almonds and similar nuts. Likewise peanuts, on occasions yet a few cashews are able to be a reason for rigorous signs of allergy.


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