How to Deal With Toenail Fungus?

Onychomycosis, or broadly known as nail fungus, is an infection of the nail triggered by fungus, yeast and molds. It is about the most frequent disease of the nails and represents about half of all known nail deformities.

Onychomycosis characterizes by toenail discoloration, thickened and fragile nails. When the disease progresses, white or yellow patches could be detected on the scaly skin touching the nail, together with foul smell. About 13% of the Americans, more or less to 35 million people have toenail fungus.

There are different medicaments that are prescribed and are available for treating toenail fungus, but in case that you would like to stay away from toxic drugs and products and you are interested in a cure that doesn’t have any side effects for the body, check out the Ayurvedic treatment or natural remedies for Toenail fungus listed under:

• Tea Tree Oil: it is about an essential oil that possesses a strong anti fungal characteristic that treats a lot of infections as well as toenail fungus. The oil needs to be applied on the surface and for the ones with toenail fungus that have sensitive skin, it could be watered down using milder oils, for example almond oil.

• Garlic: there is a biologically active compound in garlic, allicin, which is a natural fungicide. For treating a fungal nail infection, oil produced from garlic essential oil could be applied topically on the surface with infection.

• Apple cider vinegar with warm water: This mix is utilized as an additional cure. Scrubbing the area with a scrub prepared of coarse ground rice flour and some teaspoons of apple cider vinegar could be a really helpful treatment for toe nail fungal infection.

• Olive leaf: another efficient anti-fungal agent is an extract of the olive leaf.

• Lavender oil and Tea tree oil: Lavender oil combined together with tea tree oil is a great cure for treating toe nail fungus by reason that lavender oil acts against the infection as the tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic. Before applying, this mix could be thinned using olive oil, right before use because they have volatile compounds.

• A combination of oregano and olive oil: this is a home treatment for toenail fungus as well. Mix 2 drops of oregano with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and apply the mix on the affected area for period of 3 weeks.

• Rubbing Alcohol or Hydrogen peroxide: soak your feet about 20 minutes in rubbing alcohol or Hydrogen peroxide (3%solution) combined with same part of water. Afterwards dry the feet completely.

• Probiotic food: Foods like yogurt and kefir are vital for patients with toe nail fungus.

• Turmeric: apply turmeric paste and water on the affected nail. Leave the paste to dry and after that, rinse it off. This is one more home remedy for toe nail fungus.

• Onion: Rub the area using peeled and sliced onion. It is an efficient remedy as well.

• Vitamin E: Put vitamin E oil to the nails one or two times every day. This could aid the nail grow healthy and without fungus.

Ways to Avoid Toenail Fungus?

• Your feet should be washed on a regular basis while the nails should be kept short and dry.

• Old shoes have to be treated with disinfectants or antifungal powders or decide to throw them away, because they could shelter the fungi which might trigger repeated infection.

• All the time select shoes that decrease moisture.

• Stay away from walking without shoes in public places.

• Each time wash your hands adequately after touching an infected nail since the fungus could be transferred from one nail to the other.


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