Detox Your Liver and Get Gorgeous Skin with Only One Sip of This Drink

Olive oil is extremely beneficial for your overall health. Also another remedy that contains numerous health benefits if lemon. Combining these two Mediterranean remedies can work as healer, protector and cleaner of your liver.

You can consume these remedies separately or together, but the benefits are always great. Using olive oil and lemon as treatment is one of the best natural way for detoxification of your liver. We are going to present to you how to use these remedies in order to detoxify your liver.

First let’s look at the importance of the liver. This organ is very important for your metabolism and for the process of detoxification of your body. We can conclude that the liver in fact is directly related to the health of your body.

In case your liver overworks you might end up with breakouts on your skin. So you should know that beauty is also related to the proper work of your liver.

Here are some of the benefits of lemon and the detoxification process for your liver:

The wide range of health benefits of lemon are well-known. You can use the lemon for detoxification of your liver in different ways.

Boosting enzymes power

Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe claims that the liver could be stimulated to produce more enzymes if lemon juice is consumed regularly. This means that lemon actually works as booster of the liver efficiency.

Liver Disease

The European Journal of Nutrition released a study in 2002 which proves that lemon peel and rind are great for reducing liver and blood cholesterol levels. Even though these results are obtained from tests on animals, it proves that lemon peel can be beneficial for the fatty liver disease.

Toxin-eradicating vitamin C

Consuming one lemon per day allows you to intake 88% of the daily needed vitamin C. This vitamin is great antioxidant which stimulates the production of glutathione. This is one of the best and most powerful antioxidant in our body. Glutathione is important for protecting our body from mitochondria, bacteria, viruses and toxins. If the level of glutathione in your body is low it might lead infections, diseases caused by free radicals, and even cancer. Also your liver might actually get overloaded and damaged.

Hesperidin protection

Citrus fruits including lemon are known as hesperidin. This compound is responsible for protecting your health. The BMC Pharmacology Journal released a study in 2005 which involved one subject who was given hesperidin compound and afterwards toxins. The results showed that the toxins did not damage the liver to the level it was expected. The authors concluded this was due to the lemon’s properties.

Here is how the olive oil detoxifies your liver:

Besides the great properties of lemon and the support of the process for detoxification of the liver, also olive oil is great for removing toxins. This remedy contains high amount of antioxidants which are great for detoxification of your liver.

One study conducted in 2010 found that olive oil protects the liver from toxins due to the powerful antioxidant properties. This way your liver is impossible to get damaged. These results were published in the Nutrition and Metabolism Journal.

Detoxify your liver with lemon juice and olive oil:

Combing these two ingredients can be extremely beneficial for your liver. Also they provide healing process which helps maintain your liver healthy. Here is how to prepare this mixture:

1. Lemon juice – 1/2 lemon
2. Extra virgin olive oil – 1-2 tablespoons

You should mix both ingredients in small cup and consume the remedy on daily basis. The results will amaze you!
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