The Only Exercise You Need To Do to Get Rid of Back Pain and Have Perfect Posture

Everyone should take care of proper body posture in order to improve digestion, ease breathing, lower stress and regulate the balance of hormones. Also having proper body posture will help you boost your overall health and improve the brain function.

In comparison, having bad posture increases the risk of back pain, tightness in the chests and poor circulation.

Due to these serious problems that can arise from bad posture, consider doing everything that is possible to prevent it. Bad posture can cause serious pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and back, and trust us you don’t want to get there. You can easily improve your posture by exercising the muscles while you are standing (natural position).

Standing position is known as locust pose (in yoga it is called shalabhasana) which helps you improve the strength of your muscles, as well as providing amazing results. In case you suffer from serious back pain you should consider visiting your doctor before deciding to use this exercise.

Here is the detailed explanation how to perform this exercise:

First you will need to lie down on your stomach and make sure your forehead touches the floor. Meanwhile, stretch your legs as much as you can.
You should manage to divide the weight of your body on both feet. Next, raise your upped body as much as you can and keep the head up. While you elevate the head you should inhale, and exhale when you lift the hands. Make sure that your hands are close to the body when you do this exercise.

Afterwards raise your legs and balance the weight on your lower ribs, abdomen and pelvis. Hold this position for 10-60 seconds and do 5-10 repetitions.
Regular exercise of this locust pose will help you improve your body posture, but also it will help you strengthen your muscles on the back, torso and legs.

Watch this video for more detailed explanation of the exercise:


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