Use this elixir to detoxify your body and clean your lungs!

Almost everyone is aware that smoking is extremely bad for your health, but there are people that still decide to continue smoking. Almost all smokers have constant cough especially those who have been smoking for longer period of time. Also those people that have been smoking longer period of time can develop bronchitis.

People that smoke lots of cigarettes per day can develop problems with their lungs which can be really painful. Smoking is also bad because it can disrupt the cell balance which can lead to development of carcinogenic cells in your lungs, mouth and throat.

If you want to prevent these diseases and conditions you should consider quitting, but in case you cannot you should try to clean your lungs and stop the smokers cough.

Here is what you need to do:

First thing you need to do is remove all the toxins and tar that are left from the cigarettes in order to prevent or at least to reduce the risks of your health. We will present to you some specific ingredients and foods that can help you remove these toxins that have built up as a result of smoking. This will help you breath better and will improve your respiratory system.

One of the ingredients which is considered as elixir for cleaning lungs is ginger. This ingredient contains great health properties which can help you remove all extra mucus from your lungs, as well as all toxins. Onion is also great because it acts as preventive agent for respiratory issues and it can fight cancer. Turmeric is a herb which has plenty of health benefits because it contains great amounts of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. It can act as antibacterial, anticancer and antiviral agent.

Here is the recipe:
1. Ginger root
2. Onion – 1 kg
3. Honey – 400 gr
4. Water – 1 liter
Mix the honey and water, and heat it to the boiling point. Next you need to grate the ginger and slice the onion into pieces, and add them into the boiling mixture. Afterwards add the turmeric and cook it on low heat. You should cook the mixture until half of the water evaporates. Strain the mixture and pour it in a jar. Keep it in your fridge.
You should consume this mixture twice per day (1 tablespoon per serving), once before your breakfast and two hours before your dinner. Enjoy!


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